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Best Way Of Maintaining Commercial Grill

Maintaining Commercial Grill In San Diego A commercial grill is ideal for preparing meals for any time of day. It is a large piece of equipment that needs to be professionally installed and serviced if it is to work well. A commercial grill is a type of […]

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Gas Grill Maintenance Tips

Gas Grill Maintenance in San Diego Gas grill maintenance is a must especially if you want for your grill to last longer than its expected lifespan. Neglecting gas grill maintenance can lead to reduced performance and problems such as uneven heat, lower temperatures, and even food sticking […]

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Tips on How To Design Your BBQ Island

How To Design Your BBQ Island The BBQ Island can be designed to be a beautiful work of art in your backyard and can include such elements as beautiful mosaics in the tile walls, granite countertops, umbrella sleeves, bamboo pergola, reflective glass inlays, travertine diamond set tile […]

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Featured on DIY Network – Islands In the Sun

DIY BBQ Island

“Islands in the Sun” BBQ Island Featured On DIY Network’s Xtra Yardage TV Show NOTE: This video consists of excerpts from a 30 Minute TV Show edited down to about 8 Minutes. There is enough of the show so you can tell what it’s about as well […]

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Building BBQ Island Frames the Right Way

Best BBQ Island Frame

The Best Way to Build BBQ Island Frames It’s All Part of Building a BBQ Island San Diego Style In a nutshell, BBQ Island San Diego style is a barbecue island who’s BBQ Island Frame is constructed using Islands in the Sun special design process that is guaranteed […]

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Enjoy Our New BBQ Island Grill Site

BBQ Islands in the Sun Welcome

Our New BBQ Island Grill Site for San Diego is Finished (Well Sort of) Well Not actually finished  – our new BBQ Island Grill Site for San Diego will never be finished according to our web presence developer because it will be constantly changing to keep up […]

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